It is our desire to be a place where those that are far from God and those that don’t have a church family can experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ through a message of hope, healing, restoration and redemption. As a result, we strive to create environments in which people from all walks of life can gather to experience the presence of Jesus Christ. It is a community in which they can continue to grow in their relationship with God and others, and a culture that desires to give of our time, our talents and our finances to impact our community for the cause of Jesus Christ.


When you visit one of our Worship Experiences, whether on the weekend or our midweek experience, one of the first things you will notice is warmth of friendliness of those greeting you. Aside from that, Abundant Life strives to cultivate a worship environment that is expressive, engaging and most importantly filled with the presence of God’s Spirit. It won’t be quiet. It won’t be traditional. But we do believe it will be heart lifting and life changing.

Through dynamic messages spoken by our Senior Pastor, David E. Keller or through many of the guest speakers that visit Abundant Life, you are sure to be challenged and inspired. And at the end of each worship experience there is an opportunity to respond to the message, seek prayer for situations, and be encouraged by those worshiping with you.

Our MidWeek Worship Experience offers a more relaxed environment with a focus on in-depth Bible study while our Weekend Worship Experience is a more energetic and inspirational environment. We encourage you to join us for both experiences.

We hope to see you worshiping with us soon!


Weekend Worship:

Sundays at 2:15pm

Kids Ministry & LifeGroups

at 1:00pm

Midweek Worship: Wednesday at 7:30pm


Weekend Worship:

Sundays at 5:00pm

Midweek Worship:

Thursday at 7:00pm


Weekend Worship:

Sundays at 12:00pm


Weekend Worship: 

Sundays at 1pm


Join us for our Weekend Worship Experience and for our MidWeek Worship Experience, or if you are looking to be a part of our local missions work, join us for our Spanish speaking service, our Karen/Burmese speaking service, or our French speaking service.



God has an incredible purpose for your life, and GrowthTrack is designed to help you connect with that purpose. During GrowthTrack, you will spend your time diving into what it looks like to follow Jesus, discover your purpose, connect to the church and then make a difference with your life.

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At Abundant Life we believe that one of the best ways to grow in our relationship with God is to grow in His Word. That’s why we offer what we call Life Studies which are friendly gatherings focusing on discovering more about God through His Word. 

So we invite you to get involved in a Life Study today! You can sign up to participate in a Life Study or simply request more information below


This is a class that helps you become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of Abundant Life Church. Come to connect with others and learn what it is to become a church member.

This class meets on campus in Room 140.

First Sunday of every month at 1:00pm.


We will help you explore the essential tools and beliefs that produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ.

This class meets on campus in Room 140.

Every second Sunday of the month at 1:00pm.


We will help you discover how the combination of your personality, talents and passion can intersect to a place of purpose filled involvement in the Kingdom of God. 

This class meets on campus in Room 140.

Third Sunday of every month at 1:00pm.


Here we discuss the results of your assessments in GrowthTrack 301 and the ministry options at Abundant Life Church to help you find the best place to fulfill your God-given purpose and impact lives around you.

This class meets on campus in Room 140.

Every Sunday at 9:30am.



AUGUST 1, 2020



3301 E Coliseum Blvd. 

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

(260) 432-0014