What To Expect

When you visit one of our Worship Experiences, whether on the weekend or our midweek experience, one of the first things you will notice is warmth of friendliness of those greeting you. Aside from that, Abundant Life strives to cultivate a worship environment that is expressive, engaging and most importantly filled with the presence of God’s Spirit. It won’t be quiet. It won’t be traditional. But we do believe it will be heart lifting and life changing.

Through dynamic messages spoken by our Senior Pastor, David E. Keller or through many of the guest speakers that visit Abundant Life, you are sure to be challenged and inspired. And at the end of each worship experience there is an opportunity to respond to the message, seek prayer for situations, and be encouraged by those worshiping with you.

Our MidWeek Worship Experience offers a more relaxed environment with a focus on in-depth Bible study while our Weekend Worship Experience is a more energetic and inspirational environment. We encourage you to join us for both experiences, just click the link below to discover times and location!

We hope to see you worshiping with us soon!