Our Vision

It is our desire to be a place where those that are far from God and those that don’t have a church family can experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ through a message of hope, healing, restoration and redemption. As a result, we strive to create environments in which people from all walks of life can gather to experience the presence of Jesus Christ. It is a community in which they can continue to grow in their relationship with God and others, and a culture that desires to give of our time, our talents and our finances to impact our community for the cause of Jesus Christ.


The church was never meant to be a static “location” or “place”, but it was always intended to be a community of people, a gathering of individuals who desire to draw closer to Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be a gathering, more than a location; a community, more than a facility. We strive to give people a place where they can experience the life-changing and life-giving presence of Jesus Christ.


Just as much as the church was intended to be a gathering, it was intended to grow. Growth is an indicator of health, and it is our desire to be a healthy community of believers that are growing both numerically and spiritually. We strive to grow in our relationships with each other and in our relationship with Jesus Christ through community and study of the Word.


The church is a channel, not a reservoir. Our desire is to be a community of believers that embrace the power of giving of our time, talent and finances. We strive to give of our time in volunteering to see God do something incredible in us and through us, and by giving of our talents to advance the mission and vision God has given us to impact our community and our world, and through our finances to fund the work that can minister to those that are far from God.