Going Global

Going Global - June 30th!

Abundant Life Church believes wholeheartedly in being a multicultural body of believers. That is why, in addition to the multiple missions projects Abundant Life supports, we also look to reach the various ethnic groups in our community.

The mission of the church is to spread the Gospel to every nation and every peoples, or as we like to say…it is all about Going Global. Often we think of missions as going to remote countries across the globe. However, Fort Wayne’s diverse population provides a unique opportunity to have people from across the globe brought to us.  As a result, we have made it part of our core mission to become a truly multicultural church by “Going Global” in our community and connecting with people from all nationalities.

With that in mind, every year Abundant Life gathers all of our ethnic ministries of the Fort Wayne area together for a dynamic worship gathering that is nothing short of heaven on earth.

Taste of ALC

Immediately following worship service join us in the gymnasium for the "Taste of ALC". This is a chance for you to experience other cultures represented at ALC through food. Cost per booth varies, and items are priced by tickets with each ticket being $1 a piece. You will have the opportuity to try different dishes from around the world and enjoy getting to know someone of a different background. Invite a friend to join you for this service!